Monday, December 30, 2013

B&W mini album, altered candle stick, and altered binder clip photo holder

Good morning again. So I guess I lied when I said in the last post that it was all for me today. I realized that these projects never got posted either. So I want to quickly share with you a mini album, a altered candle light, and a binder clip photo holder I made for my cousin. If you have any questions, just leave me a comment below. I also have a video on my YT channel that shows more details. You will find my YT channel on the right sidebar of this blog. Thank you all for stopping by.

Altered dollar store ornaments

For Good morning all. I know it's been awhile since my last post. Problem is, my laptop has been so slow and I am always on my iPad. I have tried uploading photos from my iPad before with no luck. So here I am at 2:55 am and I can't sleep so I decided to look thru the App Store to see if there was any apps that would help me post directly from iPad. If this post does post, you know it was a success. Lol

So enough of my ranting. I hope you all had a wonderful christmas. We live over 2000 miles from our family so it was a very quiet christmas as home. Below are some altered dollar store ornaments I created this year. I was hoping for an all pink and white tree, but that didn't happen this year. Oh well. There is always next year. 

This ornament was originally a hot pink glittered ornament. I took some acetone and pour a bit into a coffee can and let it sit in there for about 10 seconds and used an old wash rag to wipe away the glitter and repeated this process a couple of times. Super easy. Then I used gesso to cover the snowflake in white and added some crystal stickles once it was dried. I then hot glued some Venice lace trim around the center that I had dyed pink and added a shabby chic rosette on top of the trim. I then glued a clay flower to the center of the rosette and added some pink gems along the outside of the snowflake. Easy breezy and I think it turned out beautifully.
For this reindeer I did the same process as above and used 2 venise trims to his neck along with a little snip of a feather, some pearl stamen, and some beautiful paper roses. Then finished it off by adding a tiny pink gem to his nose. 

Well that's all from me for now. I hope you all have an amazing new year filled with many beautiful blessings. Thank you for stopping by and for your support. It means the world to me.